New classes are offered each week and are uniquely structured around a monthly theme. Whether you are interested in dropping in for a single class or it is your desire to become an elite Chef, each class focuses on true culinary techniques where teachers guide their students through original YCA recipes ~ all created exclusively for Young Chefs Academy by our own certified chefs.  Become a Young Chefs Academy MEMBER to get even more out of attending our weekly classes.  Visit our Membership & MasterChef page for more details.

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Pssst...No Peeking!  New recipes will be developed using one surprising ingredient that will be revealed each week.  But it doesn't stop'll get your creative juices flowing as you create your own culinary masterpiece using one of more of the secret ingredients!


SEPTEMBER 2017 - LEFTOVER TAKOVERSeptember17Graphic_mindbody_355

Throwing away leftover vegetable stalks or even leftover pizza?  No more!   Want to keep the taste of summer berries around through the winter?  You can!  This month, we will be developing creative techniques to turn leftover ingredients into amazing dishes!